I feel satisfied to be one amongst the glory of educationists in Management & Technology fraternity of Guru Gobind Singh College of Management & Information Technology situated in Patti Charanpur of VPO: Mahilpur. The college is engaged in shaping the destiny of students of BBA, BCA, BSc (IT), B.Com(Prof.) and MSc(IT) since 2011-2012.

  The college have spectacular multifaceted infrastructure and state-of-art laboratories, spacious lecture rooms, computer room with 2 MBPS Wi-Max from BSNL. I on behalf of the all faculty and staff members assure to all the students that discipline, academic environment and development of human resources, infrastructure and technical teaching learning process will be maintained with your participations, with which college will progress in the coming years.

 It will be my pleasure to welcome you in 2020-2021 as new member of the Guru Gobind Singh College of Management & Information Technology family. The next three years at the college will open up many new avenues and opportunities for each one of you and I would encourage you to take advantage of these many opportunities to maximize your learning from your experiences both in and out of the classroom, the faculty, and fellow-students of different backgrounds and perspectives.

  I hope you will enjoy your studies at Guru Gobind Singh College of Management & Information Technology. May God bless you with rewarding careers and success in every walk of life.


With best wishes




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