The educational group of Guru Gobind Singh College of Management and Technology, Punjab has strict goals for success that is followed by each of the member belonging to the institution. Others follow the goals of this institution set years ago. Resolutions regarding philosophical values include dedication, carefulness and discipline. The hopes and dreams of this institution are to create group of institutes and maintain them for transformation of human development. The goal of our college is to dedicate ourselves for the sustainability of the human beings associated with us.

GGSCMIT have the primary mission of providing quality education to students. To realize its mission, the college is imparting value based education to young students synthesized with their intellectual, spiritual, social and physical development so that the quality of their life can be enhanced. The college has made utmost endeavors to train individuals to become responsible citizens of the globalized world. The college fully realizes its responsibility in equipping the students with adequate competencies to emerge as successful professionals, entrepreneurs, leaders, administrators, etc. Through various activities such as debates, declamations, creative writing workshops, seminars, talks, brain storming sessions, etc. the students are given exposure to build robust confidence and self- esteem. To stir and motivate under-performing students, the college provides remedial classes. The advanced learners are provided with extra books/ material by the teachers who set suitable goals before them so that they feel adequately challenged.